UL-AU Mark Certification Scheme — A Dedicated UL Mark for Australia and New Zealand

Gain a competitive edge with a certification mark that will empower trust and provide confidence that your products and systems meet the applicable regulatory and market requirements for Australia and New Zealand.


The UL-AU Mark Certification Scheme provides a tailored solution for Australia and New Zealand. UL’s in-region personnel and certification team manage the scheme with deep industry experience, bringing increased credibility to the market with UL’s global reputation underlined by accreditation from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ)1. All UL-AU Mark certifications are performed by our world-renowned technical experts.

Product testing to prescribed requirements and requested standards is an important part of demonstrating product conformity. Third-party product certification provided by the UL-AU Mark Scheme complements this point-in-time assessment with product evaluation, initial factory auditing and UL Follow-Up Services to empower trust in UL certified products. Our production surveillance activities confirm that products being produced for the market continue to meet product conformity requirements and provide manufacturers who have invested in quality management processes with independent recognition and a point of difference to attract market share and maintain brand integrity.

Central to the UL-AU Mark Scheme is the evaluation of products and systems to the standards and test specifications applicable to regulatory and market requirements in Australia and New Zealand. The UL-AU Mark brings credibility to the market, providing confidence that products and systems remain in compliance.

Our end-to-end product certification process helps test and certify that products continue to meet requirements beyond a single point in time. UL’s Follow-Up Services evaluate products at the manufacturing location to determine continued compliance with requirements. The UL-AU Mark scheme is operated by an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification body, and conducts associated certification scheme activities to the applicable ISO/IEC 17000 series of standards, including:

  • Testing
  • Product evaluation
  • Independent review and certification decision
  • Product marking that can incorporate a QR code providing a quick digital connection between physical products and UL’s Marks Hub certification page
  • Inclusion in UL Product iQ®, our renowned online database of certified products
  • Initial factory audit and ongoing production surveillance, supporting suppliers to mitigate compliance risk and providing confidence to suppliers, specifiers and regulatory authorities


UL offers testing, certification and ongoing product surveillance for the local market and delivers a trusted UL Mark for products entering the Australia and New Zealand markets. The UL-AU Mark helps manufacturers and suppliers to bring products to market efficiently, to mitigate compliance risk and to differentiate themselves with certification from the safety science leader UL. The advantages are of UL-AU Mark Scheme include:

  • Market-leading third-party product certification helps to build trust in product conformity, responding to independent reports and addressing increasing scrutiny and pressing industry calls for reform. The UL-AU Mark provides demonstrates manufacturers and suppliers of products have undertaken ongoing production surveillance rather than single point-in-time testing, which can provide a competitive advantage.
  • Data acceptance pathways can allow for the acceptance of existing data2 for product evaluation, especially where production surveillance recognized by UL has been ongoing. Data acceptance can reduce the scope of new testing to supplement gaps between conformity standards or corroborate data produced by non-UL laboratories.
  • Production surveillance options accepted for the UL-AU Mark Scheme can avoid the need to develop separate processes, helping manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate the conformity of certified products faster.
  • The Enhanced UL-AU Smart Mark features an optional QR code that provides a quick digital connection between physical products and UL’s Marks Hub certification page.
  • Certificates under the UL-AU Mark Scheme satisfy JAS-ANZ requirements and will lead the industry by incorporating more detail regarding product assembly and installation combinations.

UL leverages global testing capability to minimize project turnaround, with timely product evaluation enabling suppliers to bring products to market efficiently. UL performs product evaluation in its accredited test facilities or a UL partner laboratory3.

Why UL?

UL’s technical leadership, expertise and world-class research, and test facilities have earned UL’s reputation as a global safety science leader. At UL, we help empower your brand’s integrity through expert and rigorous testing, inspection, verification and certification. We’re a leading global testing, inspection and certification (TIC) provider with extensive scientific knowledge, proven data and working experience in safety, security and sustainability. Our local and international understanding of standards, standards creation and government regulations provides you a trusted resource for all your testing and certification needs.

Our global testing capabilities can help speed up project turnaround times. Our accredited testing facilities can perform multiple product evaluations, making it possible to bundle certifications for different regions in the same certification program and also conduct this work close to product production in the Australia and New Zealand, North American or European regions.

The UL-AU Mark Scheme provides the confidence in product conformity that the Australia and New Zealand region demands today. At UL, we recognize that it’s important to provide certification options for new products as well as transitioning existing products seeking independent third-party certification.

With an established presence in Australia and New Zealand, UL has developed an in-depth understanding of these markets and the organizations that operate within them. We recognize providing certification options proves essential to meet the conformity demands of the Australia and New Zealand region.

Our mission is working for a safer world, and we empower trust, helping our customers work towards the same goals.

Our local and international understanding of standards, standards creation and government regulations provides you with a trusted resource for all of your testing and certifications needs.

We help customers within a diverse range of industries, ranging from automotive and mobility, healthcare and life sciences, and technology and electronics to buildings and construction, energy and utilities, life safety and security, and government services.

With staff located in Australia and New Zealand connected to knowledge and resources around the world, UL provides a unique mix of local expertise and global capability and experience. This, strengthened by our worldwide presence, helps customers to bring safer products to market faster and can facilitate efficient global market access.

  1. UL International New Zealand is the formal name of the JAS-ANZ accredited UL certification body.
  2. UL acceptance of existing product data for the purpose of the UL-AU Mark is subject to UL review of the data, compatibility with relevant Standards and the accreditation status of the laboratory that generated the data.
  3. UL partner laboratory means a laboratory with which UL has a pre-existing data acceptance agreement.


AU-UL Mark: Product certification that empowers trust