UL International New Zealand Ltd is managed and operated by skilled employees with a wealth of technical and commercial experience both internationally and within the Australasian region.

Ken Wilson – General Manager
Ken has been involved in electrical product testing, quality systems development and laboratory management since 1991; and has been active in a number of technical and quality system management roles within the product conformity industry. Ken has overall responsibility for the UL operation in Australia and New Zealand.
Ken is based in Auckland, New Zealand.
+64.21.613.277 Ken.Wilson@ul.com

Paul Deverall – Finance and Business Development Manager
Paul is responsible for the financial and administration functions of UL International New Zealand Ltd, and also oversees local business development activities. Paul brings a wealth of experience to UL from previous engineering, senior management and executive roles within The Electricity Corporation of NZ, Solid Energy Ltd and Envirowaste Services Ltd.
Paul is based in Auckland, New Zealand .
+64.21.480.965 Paul.Deverall@ul.com

Brian Hobbs- Regional Field Services Manager
Brian Hobbs is responsible for Field Services within Australia and New Zealand, covering production follow-up service inspections, lightning protection system evaluation and fire vehicle inspection services. Brian has more than 20 years experience in the compliance field including product evaluation and quality systems management.
Brian is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
+64.21.661.720 Brian.Hobbs@ul.com