New Standard/ Amendment Publications



AS 3498:2020

Safety and public health requirements for plumbing products – Water heaters and hot-water storage tanks

New Edition; Published on 20 March 2020



AS 60669.2.1:2020

Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations – Particular requirements – Electronic switches

New Edition; Published on 27 March 2020

Supersedes AS/NZS 60669.2.1:2013

– Replace standard reference from IEC to AS/NZS

– Clarification provided for Motor rating marking (cl 8.1)

– Clarification provided for assessment access to live part (cl 10.101)

– New temperature limit added for non-metallic parts which may come into contact with cable insulation when installed (Table 102) during normal operation

– New requirement added for varistors

Date of application: 27 March 2022



NOTE: Publication dates for some recently issued amendments may differ between Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand;

Amendment NZ date AU date
AMD3 to AS/NZS 3100:2017 2019-11-29 2020-03-13
AMD3 to AS/NZS 60335.2.30:2015 2019-11-29 2020-03-30
AMD1 to AS/NZS 61558.1:2018 2019-11-29 2020-03-13




Regulatory Changes



ERAC Information Bulletin #0024 “REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION – AS/NZS 3112 APPENDIX J is published and superseded the earlier version #007.

Main key points are as follow.

– latest version of AS/NZS 3112 must be used (this resolves an issue with AS/NZS 60335.1 referring to an older version of AS/NZS 3112).

– any post-dated requirements should also be addressed now.  If they are not then the certificate MUST clearly state which post-dated clauses have not been addressed.

– if a certificate is issued for the “plug portion” then the certificate must also state the specific brand / model of the end-product that the “plug portion” is to be used with.

– clause J.4.8.2 of AS/NZS 3112 is applied to all contacts and type.

Details can be found on the following link.



NOTE: there are two separate sets of “regulatory” notices located on the erac.gov.au and eess.gov.au websites.  References numbers after notice #21 are duplicated so the organisation should also be identified to avoid any confusion (e.g. ERAC notice #23 versus EESS notice #23).

#19 – Travel Adapter Outlets #19 – Travel Adapter Outlets
#20 – Glass Kettle Compliance #20 – superseded
#21 – Power supply unit / Charger (PSU) #21 – under consideration
#22 – Applicable safety standards and requirements for solar diverters #22 – Application Date of AS/NZS 60335.2.24:2010 Amendment 2
#23 – Switches and socket outlets #23 – DC Isolator Certification
#24 – Requirements for certification – AS/NZS 3112 Appendix J #24 – DC Isolator Certification – Specific Situations



ESV Victoria – RCBO prohibition – Proposal for 10 year extension – Public submissions close 2020-May-06


Background – ESV introduced additional testing and listing requirements for RCBOs offered for sale in Victoria several years ago.

This was legally enacted via a series of “prohibition notices” that were applicable in the State of Victoria.  As the existing “prohibition notices” have a limited life-span (typically 12 months) the proposal is to extend the framework for 10 years.

Current requirements can be found at https://esv.vic.gov.au/technical-information/electrical-appliances-and-equipment/rcbo-prohibition/




NOTE: UL New Zealand will continue to operate during NZ COVID-19 level 3 status .

On-site Lab testing and receipt of incoming samples recommenced 2020-04-28 however some staff will continue working remotely from home to ensure physical distancing on-site.

Certification activities are “all-digital” and will continue to be processed remotely.