New Standard / Amendment Publications

AS/NZS 60669.1:2020

Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations – Part 1: General requirements
New edition; Published on 25 September 2020, supersedes AS/NZS 60669.1:2013.
Modified option of IEC 60669-1:217 + COR1:2020 ed. 4.0

  • AU/NZ national differences – added non detachable part test including covers, cover plates and actuating parts (Cl 5.101 and Appendix ZA),
  • Number of specimens to be used for the tests are clearly given in Table 1 (cl 5) and was clarified on which switches the tests of Clause 19 shall be carried out,
  • Included requirements concerning 13 A switches,
  • Added mandatory indication that a terminal is suitable for rigid conductor only,
  • Included requirements and test conditions for flexible conductors (Cl 12),
  • Included requirements for pilot light units,
  • Added new tests for self-ballasted lamp loads (Cl 19.3),
  • Creepage and clearance limit table updated to cover normal, mini and micro-gap switches. (Table 23),
  • Informative Annex B added to provide information for changes planned for the future in order to align IEC 60669-1 with the requirements of IEC 60998 (all parts), IEC 60999 (all parts) and IEC 60228,
  • Added new informative Annex C about the circuit development for 19.3 (self-ballasted lamp loads),
  • Added new informative Annex D for additional requirements for insulation-piercing terminals,
  • Added new informative Annex E for additional requirements and tests for switches intended to be used at a temperature lower than −5 °C.

Date of application: 25 September 2022


AS/NZS 8124.4:2020

Safety of toys experimental sets for chemistry and related activities (ISO 8124-10:2019, MOD)
New edition; Published on 11 September 2020, supersedes AS 8124.4-203 (R2013)

Applicable upon publication


AS/NZS ISO 8124.5:2020

Safety of toys Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
New edition; Published on 11 September 2020, supersedes AS 8124.5-2003 (R2013)

Applicable upon publication


IEC 60598-1:2020 – UL Webinar

UL is offering a webinar on IEC 60598-1:2020 on Oct 27th at 11 am Central European Time  (11 pm NZ / 9 pm Sydney, Australia).
If you are interested in joining this webinar you may register your interest via the following link;



Draft Standards / Amendments

DR AS/NZS 3000:2018 Amd 2:2020

Electrical Installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)

Closing date for comments: 17 November 2020


DR AS 4934.2:2020

Incandescent lamps for general lighting services, Part 2: Energy performance and marking requirements, will supersede AS 4934.2-2011.

Closing date for comments: 3 December 2020


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